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Welcome to Redoubt - Ansel Edmundson

Marty's online game, set in the ever-dark city of Redoubt

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Welcome to Redoubt - Ansel Edmundson

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Ansel thought himself a humble man, though he'd privately admit that certain things were beneath him. He was not the flawless Sun God he followed, he was still flesh, but he tried.

He met the outriders, in their advanced tech flaunted about. The near whisper quiet of that huge transport, the weapons they carried had reflected their polished care and love. The transport Ansel used was nearly as old as he was, and was held together with a lot of little fixes and patches and probably more devotion than he'd want to admit to the outriders.

He was certain he was dead. They looked fierce and grizzled. The city - Redoubt - had sent 5 people and a single transport. They didn't even all leave it - they were confident in 3 people alone. The weapons, the transport, the unbelievable darkness that stood behind him - he was certain he'd no longer carry their banner. Mi'ro, the sun god, did not call him home that day. Instead, he found the light in the outrider's dark hearts. Use of the secret, coveted technology used superfluously to get them somewhere to stay was another check to his humility.

The way they simply took off across the Wastes, while he prepared his engines for full power, uttering something between a prayer and an incantation that the transport would start up and follow them. They provided his followers such grace that they, and they followed the outriders in.

They asked a lot of questions. It was curious, they wanted to know if Ansel and his followers were going to attempt to spread the word of Mi'ro. Perhaps Mi'ro was lost in the city, a sad feeling passing over Ansel's heart in worry. However, if this was the case, then Ansel's mission was more dire than anticipated.

Following into the darkness was very hard to see. Some lights lined their roads, but it was almost as though everything was muted shades of blue and green, instead of the yellows and oranges of a sun-filled sky. Thankfully, the outriders provided a clear path to their borrowed sanctuary. Informed that it was once a warehouse, it was such grand opulence that Mi'ro themselves would've felt welcome. It was lit as well as anything in Redoubt, quiet, clean, and the temperature was perfect. There was so much space, all seemed durable, and even the cots seemed to be new. Again, Ansel found himself humbled by such a grand, shared space with his congregation. The outriders stayed a while, perhaps to ensure there were no insidious agents of falsehood among them - something Ansel rooted out aggressively - and a couple showed some surprise at the rising of Mi'ro's Crest - no, perhaps Mi'ro wasn't entirely abandoned in the Thrice Damned City.
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